Arizona Michell Yazkaree

Michell Yazkaree — Yuma, Arizona

Michell uses facebook, snapchat, and instagram as a farming system to generate male interest. I don’t see much wrong with that except for the fact that she’s constantly in a sexual relationship with numerous men who don’t know about each other. She is an onion of lies. Just when you get past one layer of lies you’re onto the next layer of lies. It’s so bad that I am not sure she ever knew how to tell the truth to begin with. Her game is keeping her one of many social media pages with the appearance she is single. If you go out with her and have a sex filled weekend she’ll post pictures of her from the outing without pictures of the guy she is with. This gives the illusion of her having some sort of independence in her life and covers up the fact that she needs to peddle her a55 off to get anything in life. She will momentarily post that she is in a relationship if she is pressured enough and if she is particularly co-dependent on someone at that time. It will be short lived though as she hops onto the next guy who gives her a little more freedom. Get in and get out or steer clear. That’s my advice.