California Micheala Brum

Micheala Brum — Modesto, California

Last year before me and my husband married he met this female named Michaela Brown. I discovered thier “friendship” after discovering the repeated phone call contact with one another. Come to find out this Michaela Brum home wrecked my sister’s sister in law’s marriage when she was just 18. I contacted this female and asked her to stop speaking with my husband because it was disrespectful and as far as I knew the communication did stop for a while then all the sudden this desperate for whore came back into the picture and threw herself at my husband 3 months later (at this point we were married ).

To this day she still denies it but my husband admitted it to me. I’m not saying she’s completely at fault they obviously both are but any female that knowingly chases after a married man deserves to get her ass whooped. She not only has a history of being a home-wrecker that she is also a tweaker and is well-known for her scandalous ways in the Ceres and Modesto Area if california.