Canada Micheal John Whiting

Micheal John Whiting – Canada

Micheal John Whiting really likes the married ladies. He trolls the sites looking for a unhappy wife. He does have some nice words and can really turn say some nice things to get them into the sack. It only took him 2 weeks with my wife and she let him go bareback. But don’t worry mike, I use protection, cause she might have a few things. But at least that is your problem now. This guy lives in Edmonton, southside and is quit the player, if you look at his internet profiles. Good luck all you lonely ladies, Im sure he is a winner. and in case he uses these words on you here is the after sex letter

A word???…. no all of your words… and yes I had a moment to myself…. relaxed and looked at those pictures….read your words and fell into a spasm…of joy! wow came so hard thinking of you!!! Insane…. Some times im chatty and articulate and I like to think on the good days charming…and sometimes im just blunt and uncouth…