Cheaters Michael (Mike) William Breton

Michael (Mike) William Breton — Chartlon, Massachusetts

Be warned if you know this loser. This fool would come and go to “hang out” with my then boyfriend. Later I find out that they were sleeping together the entire time! While I gone at work! Fast forward a few months, EX-boyfriend comes to me complaining and crying about how Mike tried to steal his identity to open up credit cards under his name!!! I immediately checked my credit report and found that someone tried to open up accounts during the time he came and went at my apartment. I’m still trying to prove that it was him. The nerve of this loser! I did some research and asked around about him. Turns out that this isn’t his first time. He’s known for trying to open up credit cards under his current boyfriends identities. He’s a cheat, a liar, a dirty hoarder, and if anyone knows him BE WARNED! Don’t let him in your house because he’ll try to steal your information. He’s a loser. I hope he ends up in jail for being the fraud that he is. I don’t have to worry about karma, because it has already taken effect with him being the dirty loser that he is with rotten gapped out teeth. So if you meet this guy with a Taurus sign tramp stamp and rotten gapped teeth, run far far away! He has zero friends for a reason.