Canada Michael Kerry McPeak

Michael Kerry McPeak – Canada

I met a guy, Michael Kerry McPeak, online and believed every story he told me. He said he loved me and wanted to marry me. We got married and I found out he was still married to his second wife. He put his divorce date was 4/2015 on our license but she did not leave him until 04/2017. He had been with 3 other women after she left him and he was supposed to be with his children. He has 3 children and I am pregnant with twins. Please stay away from him. He has left many broken hearts. He uses the same pictures t on his profiles and they are 12 yrs old. He is in the army and has been for 22 yrs. they have moved him to a desk job from military police because he has lots of mental break downs. He will get your family to turn on you. He only chooses the family members who have no life and want to gossip and get into your business. It will not be hard for him to find them.