Cheaters Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson – Florida

This man lives north of Tampa and trolls the internet, finds innocent women through business, and has a stock line to come on to them. Once he hooks them, he calls them from his cell, texts them, and emails them as well. They seem to think he is being faithful to them, when in fact he has multiple conversations going at the same time. He is married for many years, yet tells the women he is going through a contentious divorce, lives on one side of the house while his wife is on the other. He has also told the women his house is for sale. None of that is true. For some reason he is almost drugged by the attention. The women he chooses are very overweight and some have health issues. He uses those issues to encourage them. He talks about his lack of sex and asks the women very personal questions about their sexual likes and dislikes. All of this is being done on work time. I know he sneaks away from his desk to talk or text on the cell. He tells the women when he can call them or they him to make sure it’s not when he is home. His emails are beyond pornographic. He even discusses the size of his private part. Once the women catch on to him, they stop the dialogues. Then he waits to catch another one. I can only imagine what he does on his computer. I am sure he trolls all the porn and dating websites. I have never met his wife but I have been told she is super nice. I hope she reads this.