Cheaters Michael Edward Jones

Michael Edward Jones – Florida

This married man of 10yrs recruits prey by leaving notes in a woman’s mailbox. He admitted that he tried the same approach on another woman but her boyfriend found the note instead. This should have been my first sign of him being a creep!!! I noticed his answers to simple questions were unnecessarily philosophical. He seemed embarrassed to even divulge age, saying he isnt there yet…lol. Also, I noticed he entered my name in his phone as RAD ON DA CONNER or red on the corner. I demanded he erase all record of me from his phone. He stated its his phone and he’ll keep texts, pics and all. Black Friday, I called him and he doesnt answer but later leaves me a voicemail. He says I disturbed the time he was spending with his FAMILY/kids and that he would come to my house and do something stupid. Is this the same guy that brought me chicken soup when I caught his cold, gave me birthday presents,cuddled and kissed and all that other adult stuff? Yup, its the same guy who once begged me to watch an episode of Cheaters and Jerry Springer. The same guy who showed me the video of a bus driver uppercutting a woman. It was amusing to him. I should have honored my gut feeling that his fathering two children with two different women lacked morals. I thought he wouldnt likely be a faithful guy because of this. Its a messy lifestyle that reveals no respect for sex and women. He proved I was right.