Cheaters Michael E. Farlin

Michael E. Farlin – Illinois

Married 5X,still married as of. But before a Divorce is even filed for,YOU will hear everything BUT the truth-If you ssk weather hes married and he in fact still IS AND IS STILL LIVING WITH HIS WIFE-He will tell you the divorce is in the works, it was over a ling time ago,and SHE is in the process of looking for place to move to so we can SEPERATE” and he will draw that out with you while hopping back&forth from this story and one of how”he should just pack his things and come live with you”Truth IS YOU ARE JUST A SCREW,A ROLL IN THE HAY whenever HE needs IT,NOT YOU and youll NEVER SEE HIM ON SNY DAY UNLES HE WAS ALREADY PLANNING ON COMMING OVER,WHILE HES STILL MARRIED,TO GET A F*** FROM YOU.This will go on until HE LEAVES HER which WONT HAPPEN UNTIL THE MOMENT HE REALIZES THAT WIFEY IS DONE WITH HIS SIC TWISTED WAYS and then HE WILL come running TO YOU PRETENDING LIKE HE JUST SUDDENLY DECIDED TO BE WITH YOU BECAUSE NARCASSISTS CANT STAND BEING “LEFT” EVEN THOUGH it IS their OWN DOING to a Narcassist THAT IS LOSING,WOMAN ARE OBJECTS NOT PEOPLE, they see themselves as omnipotent, omnipresent,never make mistakes,and WILL GO TO ANY&EVERY LENGTH TO COVER UP THEIR FAULTS,MISTAKES, SHORTCOMMINGS,ETC.AND THEY NEVER,EVER FEEL GUILT OR REMORSE,THEY FAKE ALL EMOTIONS WHENEVER THEY DO EXPRESS ANY,EXCEPT ANGER,UNTIL THEYVE GOT YOU!(((Oh,DON’T get me wrong here,he FULLY intends on being single THE MINUTE HE FINDS OUT SHES LEAVING HIM!- and WILL BE WITH you IF YOU so chose BUT its NOT because he is leaving but BECAUSE SHE IS LEAVING HIS CHEATING,NARCASISSTIC,LIED ABOUT ANYTHING&EVERYTHING THERE WAS TO LIE ABOUT&EVEN things that never mattered,ALWAYS PLAYING THE VICTIM,BREAK EVERY PROMISE,be EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED UNTIL it suits HIM, then SUDDENLY have NO conscious AT ALL,GETS ANGRY WHEN YOU CRY after HE HURTS YOU,NEVER says hes sorry,IGNORES YOUR QUESTIONS as though HE NEVER heard YOU and when YOU ask HIM WHY HE HURT YOU SO BAD HE WILL RESPOND by ASKING”Have you ever seen such-n-such MOVIE?”OR “What are YOU making for DINNER TONIGHT?” AND HE will make it a point to MAINTAIN responses JUST LIKE THOSE to MAKE SURE HE CONSTANTLY REMINDS YOU THAT YOU WERE NEVER ANYTHING TO HIM AND ONLY WANTED TO PROVE TO HIMSELF THAT HE COULD STILL CON ANY WOMAN INTO BELIEVING HE REALLY LOVES THEM,GET THEM TO MARRY HIM,then THEIR SHOCKED,CONFUSED,SCARED LOOKS ARE PRICELESS and A KICK TOO,TO HIM-as HE SMIRKS at YOU HATEFULLY and obvioudly is PROUD THAT YOU FELL for the PERSON he PRETENDED TO BE SND IS NOT!WOMEN WITH CHILDREN,WIDOWS,AND FROM BAD PAST RELATIONSHIPS,AND/OR DIVORCED-THE WORSE YOUR SITUATION IS THE MORE OF A TARGET YOU ARE FOR MICHAEL FARLIN.HE’S LIVED IN ARIZONA FOR 30 YEARS,GREW UP IN CHILLICOTHE,ILLINOIS,MOVED FROM ARIZONA TO LEWISTOWN,ILLINOIS,THEN FROM LEWISTOWN TO PEORIA,ILLINOIS,AND WORKED FOR WALMART FOR 12 YEARS IN ARIZONA,CANTON,ILLINOIS,AND PEORIA,ILLINOIS.A REAL LOSER,VERY SICK.HE WAITS,EVEN IF IT TSKES 2YEARS OF DATING AND AFTER MOVING IN WITH THE WOMAN HE WANTS BEFORE BECOMMING THIS WAY and it IS virtually Overnight,within the first 3 weeks.He BELIEVES he USED to be an ALCOHOLIC but ONLY to JACK DANIELS,HAD SEVERAL CHANCES to REUNITE with HIS TWO BOYS BUT REFUSES TO because HE DOESNT WANT TO BE REJECTED,”POOR little ME SYNDROME” saying because he was rejected & ABANDONED by MY OWN FATHER AT AGE 11,days his MOTHER& YOUNGEST SISTER ARE B******& STOPPED having any kind of RELATIONSHIP WITH BOTH of THEM e TOO WHEN THEY FOUND OUT WHAT A LIAR HE IS& NEEDED TO START DOING RIGHT BY OTHERS BUT MOSTLY BECAUSE they threaten HIS CHANCES HE HAS WITH WOMAN who MIGHT BE or IS HIS INTENDED TARGERT/WIFE because THEY BEGIN TO WARN WOMAN ABOUT HIS PAST and tell HER ALL THE NASTY THINGS HE’S DONE,LIED ABOUT,especially the fact that HE HAD A BABY WITH ANOTHER WOMAN WHILE HE WAS STILL MARRIED TO HIS 4TH WIFE,DOESNT WANT ANYONE GETTING IN HIS WAY of SUCCESS in GETTING HIS INTENDED TARGET/WIFE who ULTIMATELY IS HIS NEXT SOURCE OF NARCASSISTIC SUPPLY.A NO GOOD BASTARD”))) on every wife starting with the 1st wife Bobbie,n which he willingly signed away all rights during their divorce to both of his (Sons who are now in their late 30’s-early 40’s,in an attempt to keep others from finding out about his INFIDELITY,(REPEATED THROUGHOUT HIS LIFE,56 YEARS OF AGE SND STILL AT IT)and then proceeded to tell anyone who asks(especialy women when attempting to play the “sympathy” card regarding this issue{as well as many other issues} by bringing the issue up himself saying he “lost” his children or “hasn’t seen his boys in X-amount of years”- This is JUST to PROVOKE YOUR interest AND YOUR question,after all,YOU wanted to know,YOU asked,and HE WILL be sure to remind YOU of these facts IF YOU EVER doubt for a second that HE is/was telling the truth AND IF YOU WEREN’T GOING TO BELIEVE ME then YOU SHOULDNT have asked! And dont be surprised at the ever-exagerated angered,hurt response[being diagnosed with Severe (NPD)Narcassistic Personality Disorder]HOW DARE YOU insinuate that I would EVER LIE,much less to YOU-is THAT what YOU THINK of ME?the person YOUVE KNOW FOR A WHOPPING 3 MONTHS,REALLY?IF YOU DONT KNOW ME AND TRUST ME MORE THAN THAT BY NOW THEN YOU NEVER WILL”because his wife was “a no good b**** who couldnt cook,kept a dirty house,was lousy in bed,refused to have sex with him anymore,AND who CHEATED ON HIM-{he says this about every wife but off and on again changes his story{like everything else as you’ll find if youre unfortunate enough to be involved with him Long enough})He plays the sympathy card,the Hero Card,Victim card,and everything significant thats ever happened to him-lost jobs, lost wives,lost children,are all everyone elses fault and when he has nothing else to blame then he uses his upbringing as an excuse. Especially when he becomes emotionally&physically abusive. While you’re seeing each othet present himself as someone who really cares.Along with playing the sympathy card..with statements such as ” Everything I touch turns to s***” These statements are ALWAYS to provoke the “why do you feel that way about yourself” question and when he tells you why it will be a twisted version of the truth in which he conveniently portray himself as the poor victim who had no idea,no choice,was lied to,etc.ALL so HE can get YOU TO TELL HIM THAT THOSE THINGS ARENT TRUE,HES A WONDERFUL PERSON,A CARING PERSON,A LOVING PERSON AND SO HE CAN HEAR YOU SAY “NO ONE SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT TO YOU,YOU DIDN’T DESERVE THAT” ETC,ETC,ETC.And YOU WILL BELIEVE YOURSELF SND HIM until ITS TOO LATE.And when it is,and he’s done things to you MORE HORRIBLE THAN YOU COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED ANY PERSON DOING TO ANOTHER.. THATS WHEN you’ll witness THE MOST INCREDIBLE IN SANITY IN A HUMAN THAT YOUVE EVER SEEN…IM WARNING YOU WOMEN THIS IS NO JOKE.THIS MSN IS NOT JUST NPD,hes a sociopathic Psycopath to the 100th degree.