Cheaters Michael Bahrakis (Michael Scott)

Michael Bahrakis (Michael Scott) – Florida

Michael Bahrakis aka Michael Scott is a lying, cheating manipulator who plays on women’s feelings to get what he needs from them. He has slept with anyone who will give him the time of day. He plays the poor me card to grab at the heart strings to use you for everything you’re worth. He portrays himself as a successful business man but has failed at everything he touches. He prays on single mothers who he constantly cheats on while degrading and belittling them to make himself feel better. He has no intention on committing although he talks a good game. Makes promises he never intends on keeping and has lived with half of Tampa. He lies so much that I think he believes them himself. His intentions are bad … very bad. He keeps multiple relationships going on at once while calling each one stupid bc we question it. He turns into a monster when caught in his lies and immediately packs up and leaves instead of trying to work it out. He just strings us all along. I was stupid to trust his words, his intent, his love he said he had for me but have now learned he is not worth my dignity and I value myself too much to continue with his games. If he crosses your path run. I’m just lucky I didn’t catch a disease. I’m lucky bc he constantly scratches himself .. I’m sure he has caught something. He never uses protection. I’m a happier person now that I am wise to his insincerities and his crazy way of justifying his odd behavior.