Cheaters Melissa (Taite) Patterson

Melissa (Taite) Patterson — Chicago, Illinois

Right here we have a prime example of a judgey manipulating slore. She likes to give the impression shes a sad sad victim of her “terrible husband’s” antics but if you really saw the behind closed doors Melissa A Taite you would see a married woman selling a sad story to a military mechanic about her life… abandoning her children all the time for MMA and fuking the other guy. But heads home to her family each night and crawls in bed with her husband like she’s done nothing wrong. Shamefully really…. and I’m sure that poor guy isnt even aware of the fake family life she was still maintaining until very recently (sleeping with and fuking her husband each night ? … sending him nudes, probably the same ones the boyfriend is receiving too lol) We really don’t have the time to get into ALL OF THE scummy sht this DRD infested girl is into but some number one points would be mind fuking her children against their father, stealing money from her family and funneling it into a secret account, stealing drugs from the pharmacy she works for, cocaine parties at her home and constantly talking trash about “friends and family” all while secretly being the slimmest snake to ever walk through renfrew county. All while working with peoples children at the gym. Unbelievable. This is your warning, stay clear of this b1tch. And If you’re actually able to turn a blind eye to all of this, there’s also the DRDs, yeast infections, foul smelling vagina and arby’s sandwich beef curtains to deal with ?‍♀️ Don’t say you weren’t warned about this one boys….. ✌