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Melissa Smith – Canada

Her name is Melissa Smith she lives in North Kingstown Rhode Island she has red hair and green eyes . She is a pathological cheater and liar. She plays the victim will tell you how unhappy she was in her marriage and how her ex-husband was so mean to her, but once you get to know her you’ll realize why he was the way he was! She is just an evil , mean & dirty person . She cheated on her husband numerous times and then cheated on the guy she had right after her husband !! She never practices safe sex which ended up giving her an STD so be very very careful and stay away from her . She pretends that she’s this giving , thoughtful , caring sweet girl but once she gets her claws into you and you get sucked in you will realize how manipulative and ugly of a person she really is! She is absolutely Awful with money she spends it faster than she can make it and she lives like a slob , the house might be clean for the first couple times you go over but once she gets comfortable you’ll see ! Don’t be fooled by the smile , she is a narcissist in a pretty dress! It’s all about her and it won’t take long for it to show its ugly head! God bless the man who gets near her, she will give you a gift you can never get rid off! Beware !!!!