Cheaters Melissa Ruiz

Melissa Ruiz — Lake Charles, Louisiana

This woman Melissa Ruiz Deshotel will drive 6 hours to get f*€ked!! So desperate She did it 3 times!! She acted like she was this innocent, religious, and “faithful” woman who cheats on her boyfriend with a married man!! She got caught and tried to deny she ever visited the married man. In my opinion She’ll manipulate anyone so she can spread those legs for them!! She lives in Iowa, Louisiana and works in Lake Charles Louisiana for a Construction Company as an Office Assistant… She has no remorse, morals, or self worth!!! She uses her boyfriend to pay her bills while she lives in another house renting a room from another man!!! She’ll keep sleeping with anyone she can con into believing her lies and how mistreated she was in her past relationships. So all you women who are married and live in Lake Charles Louisiana and surrounding cities stay away from this whore!!! She cheated on her husband numerous times!!! He stated He lost count of how many affairs she had during their marriage!!! He was smart and divorced her a*s!! Beware of Melissa Ruiz Deshotel!!! She can’t and shouldn’t be trusted around married men!! She’ll lie when confronted about it and act like she didn’t know the man was married!! Then she wants to act like the victim. She knew he was married!!! She should be ashamed of herself, obviously She’s an attention seeking c*nt who has so selfworth! Pass this info along to warn other married women!!!