Canada Melissa Edmondson

Melissa Edmondson — Winnipeg, Canada

Morals and reputations don’t matter to this girl. Melissa Edmondson believes by bussing from city to city she can sleep with and mess with anyone then leave for the next place. 4 months ago she was impregnated by a person she had known for only a few days. No condom of course(hpv+). She continued to make this vulnerable guy believe in her deceptions. That she had fallen in love, wanted to stop being a whore and needed to settle. She has no job at 23, her life consist of raves, creating the most amateurish horrible art, and scamming people.(Delusion at it’s finest). She has boyfriends across Canada, a couple here a couple in Calgary, etc. A particular one named Jordan who happened to call her 100 times before she suspiciously left her 50th bf in the middle of the night. I guess she felt guilty and had an abortion when she got back to reality. But she didn’t come back to reality. Still messaging her ex’s and boys wanting peace and friendship. The psychology student need to be evaluated and brought back to reality.