Cheaters Melinada Degraw

Melinada Degraw — Kansas City, Kansas

First off I think she hacked my FB account because I can’t get into it and then my phone got shut off. Y’all don’t know but this woman is married with 3 kids and doesn’t have an ounce of respect in her. She cheated on her husband this year with my bf. I know because I was there when they was doing it. I gave him permission. Once I found out she was married I got pissed off about it. She came over to the house a few different times to have sex with him while she left her husband and kids at home I’m sure. Way to go Mom. Someone needs to tell her husband because I’m sure he has no idea what happened and he needs to know the truth. I hope he kicks her ass out on the curb where she belongs. Sending my bf pictures of herself in bra, panties. She is dirty and needs a reality check because she has no respect for anyone in her life to include herself.