Cheaters Meggan Helen LuGrain

Meggan Helen LuGrain — Dubuque, Iowa

Meggan Helen LuGrain is a fake, a cheater, a drug addict, an alcoholic and a shit excuse for a mother. She has had an STD (Ghonnarea) to be exact from sleeping around. She’s known for being a flirt and constantly cheats on anyone she’s supposedly in a “relationship” with. She also fucked around with a married man, KNOWING he was married (and let’s be honest, the dudes just as disgusting). She’s an alcoholic and abused and SELLS xanax. She has a son who she treats like shit but, will of course post on her social media like she’s mother of the year. Her son stays with her mom because she only cares about getting drunk, partying, doing drugs and sleeping around. She lies and manipulates constantly even though there is beyond enough proof out there about all her bullshit. And, she filters the fuck out of her pictures. She’s truly disgusting. I honestly hope NO ONE comes in contact with her.