Canada Megan Heerschop

Megan Heerschop – Alberta, Canada

This horrible human tries to act better than everyone else she has 3 children with 3 different baby daddies, she gets pregnant on purpose and fast, just to try and control men. She acts like she has her sh1t together but her daddy issues must be why she goes for these loser men who are all addicted to drugs and she tries to change them even though they will never change she’s a money hungry girl who likes to screw everyone over. Her first baby daddy died from a drug overdose, she took her second child away from the dad because she claims he uses drugs but left him just to have a baby with a pepsi head loser. Wondering when she will be pregnant with her 4th kid from another guy this girl should have her kids taken away from her for putting them in danger around drugs and violence she needs a wake up call!!!!