Cheaters Megan Hankins

Megan Hankins — Russellville, Kentucky

This story starts 4 years ago when my husband who worked at a tire shop in a shopping center where Megan Hankins stills works. His “best friend” who is also a cheating POS introduced them so my husband could work on her car. I could tell this 22 year old Home Wrecker had a thing for my things immediately, so I asked him to break ties and for her to stay the fuck away. Long story longer I found out they were “speaking” and I lost my shit and called her and told her to f off once again. I found out six months ago they had been having sex on and off for 3 years. She would show up to his best friends while I was at work, my husband would meet up at her house and they would have sex in the truck I bought him. He would drop my son off at his moms to go spend time with her and her daughter, she would show up to our campsite while I was at work with our friends and then leave before I got there. None of those people had the balls to tell me. Almost all my leisure friends knew. Anyway when someone finally had the guts to tell me I called her and she still denied it. So I took a 22 and a ball pen hammer to our newest 4wheeler which turned out to be hers that he was storing at my farm that I grew up at. It has to be said that throughout the 3 years I caught them talking, I confronted both but they denied ever actually having an affair. I know, I was blind. After all this went down she kept contacting me to torture me so I filed a harassment charge. Soooo she decided to try and press criminal charges on me for the 4 wheeler. Oh yeah, this Whore has balls and no fucking shame. I hope to hear about it when karma comes here way!!!