California Megan Boye

Megan Boye – California

This woman not only cheats on all of her boyfriends but she also sleeps with other people’s boyfriends. She doesn’t use protection. She slept with my boyfriend and gave me chlamydia. I appreciate her admitting it and saying sorry which is why I didn’t put her on here at first but I can’t justify not warning people about someone that puts innocent people’s bodies at risk. If she wants to be a s*** that’s fine but I was a faithful girlfriend for 2 years and got an std. my narcissistic ex bullied me out of town after I got the paper from my doc, probably so he could tell everyone his lies. So this is out here for anyone that wants to know the truth about megan Boye aka megan maccc and Eddie zammarchi from Monterey California. You can find eddie at the bull and bear whisky bar and tap house and megan works over at dubbers feel free to have a drink and not tip on me ?