Cheaters Meagan Jenkins

Meagan Jenkins – Florida

Gentleman, if you live in the Tampa/St Pete Fl areas, you may have seen this next woman. She is a pro when it comes to the online dating sites, but she has red flags all over her. She lives with her very controlling mother, she is 30 yrs old, she has tattoos literally all over her except her face and a$$hole. She is a liar, cheater and who will be the lucky man to be the next victim? I dated her recently and she pissed off a guy so bad that he eventually wrote about it in a book and now who looks like the genious? Meagan is severely moody and her mother is just like her, miserable! These two b****** are trying to make the world their own and I think that is how Meagan learned how to be unfaithful. Stay far away from this b**** and do not be her next victim that she will strip away your life from. If the dark clouds approach, run as fast as you can because these two douches are right behind you.