California Mayra Ozuna

Mayra Ozuna — Farmersville, California

This girl had sex with my boyfriend of 6 years. It happened twice and when he wanted it to end she threatened to tell me. So like the coward he was he kept sexting her. This went on for months. She finally told me after he stopped replying to her and started ignoring her at work. She approached my car and brought her friend/coworker along one night when I was waiting for him to get off work. They didn’t tell me of the affair, instead they told me he was hitting on them both and that they felt uncomfortable. This was all in the parking lot of where they worked while they were both in full uniform, on the clock, during closing hours. They did not get fired because their GM is too much of a pansy. Even though they were harassing me in the parking lot on the clock. Either way, she knew our situation, and she knew me. She is nothing but drama and she lacks maturity in all aspects. I’m hoping that one day when she applies for a job, they will read this and make the right choice by hiring someone else because she is highly unprofessional. she will do nothing except embarrass your business. She even created drama with my sister in law who is an ex coworker of hers and continuously stalks and threatens her at her workplace. Don’t trust this home wrecker.