California Mayra Morell

Mayra Morell — Walnut Creek, California

This woman is absolutely 2 faced. She and my boyfriend dated years ago, and after they broke up she got married. For some reason she keeps coming back into his life and now that we have been together for almost 2 years and have a daughter she is back once again! She texts my boyfriend during the day while he is at work and all while claiming to want him to work things out with me. Here is a simple solution if you want things with us to work stop contacting him!! It sucks going into your boyfriend’s phone and seeing your guys’ entire conversations, guess what boo I got your number now that shit is about to go out for the world to have and sooner or later your man will know your going behind his back too…don’t sit there and claim to be happily taken if your going around trying to take other woman’s men!!!