Cheaters Maureen-Wright

Maureen-Wright — Lakeland, Florida

Maureen -Wright intentionally goes after married men knowing full well what she is doing. She is a liar, cheater, and when confronted doesn’t have the balls to face her actions. She did not care in the least that she was putting herself into a 20 yr marriage, instead playing the sweet and innocent soul. She likes to say her ex husband beat her to get sympathy for herself but news flash, even if it happened it does not excuse this type of behavior. She is a miserable human being who lives in Lakeland, Florida and works at the Silver Ring Cafe as a waitress. I could do a lot worse to her than blast her on the Internet, I have her messages and photos of her p***y she sent to my husband when intricate texts about her personal life and what she “likes” to be done to her. She can rot for all I care. PS. All her coworkers and friends know what she does and they think it’s real funny.