Cheaters Matthew Thornton

Matthew Thornton – Florida

Matthew Thornton, Matt Thornton, Matthew Francis Thornton is a Jacksonville, Florida native who has owned or worked for several gyms. His newest HYPERSWOLE. He is a WOMAN BEATING, cheating, aggressive, manipulative, covert narcissist.

He preys on emotionally vulnerable women. His game isn’t manipulation or use of their material goods but rather the manipulation and destruction of their emotional and spiritual health. The more dependent they are the better. He enjoys luring these women in and then slowly eating away at their self esteem. He finds enjoyment in putting others down because he is so dark, sad, angry and lonely inside he needs to make others around him feel as little and sad as he feels. He uses emotional and verbal abuse to get his way. If the woman stands up for himself or fights back, well, they get a punch to the face or head.