Cheaters Matthew (Matt) Landis

Matthew (Matt) Landis – Florida

Lying cheating SOB. Online dating profiles while we were trying to repair our marriage Massively abusive and controlling. Abusive narcissistic sociopath. Washed up bartender who preys on women. I was such a dummy. I spoke to several of the women who he has slept with (i accessed his match page) and he left them devastated after screwing them and leaving in the middle of the night. Such a pig. Dont listen to his sweet talk and lies. This is one evil man. Youre not special. You will be no different than me or his ex wife of 20 years that he abused and cheated on as well. I thought i was special. Bought into it all. During the repair ofnour marriage he was acfively on Zoosk and Ok Cupid. Who knows what the hell else he was up to