Cheaters Matthew Breen

Matthew Breen – Chicago, Illinois

This guy right here, Matthew Breen is not only a deadbeat but a pathological loser. His LinkedIn claims he earned a bachelors degree at a community college, even the average moron knows that is not possible. While his first child was being born he was off making another child– then paying the girl off to have an abortion, when that did not go as planned he just went rogue until his pregnant side chick got over the chase and moved on to more reliable suitable men. The child he does claim he is behind over 10k in child support, inflicts mental torture on him regularly and treats him like a trophy piece. His typical get up is meet a chick, have her babysit his son and then ditch her when the long visitation periods are over. His newest flavor of the month is ten years younger then him, covered in tattoos that appear like a blind child drew, and horse teeth, but she is so proud of this deadbeat she has found. Up until this little girl came into his life he had not even provided his son a bed, he had him sleeping on the dining room floor- what a dad, right? I would almost feel bad for the little girl, but these two losers are meant for each other but not at the expense of a child. The cutest thing about his new girlfriend is she sits outside the court room waiting for him while the judge tells him what a low life deadbeat he is. –Cant pay his child support but can buy matching tshirt for him and his girlfriend off Etsy. How long before he is paying for her abortion? or ditching her with a kid and not taking care of them?