California Matt McCraig

Matt McCraig — ‎Los Angeles, California

He has tried to pick me up and several of my girlfriends talking about how he is a big Director, writer, producer who went to UCLA and has a project he can put us all in called Stupid Cupid. In reality, all he wants is free sex and us to pay for his lifestyle bought lots of drinks then didn’t have money to pay for it and forced us, girls, to cover his tab. He has taken down most of his social media pictures of him being at events because he has definitely been overtly sexual #metoo has gotten him to stop being a predator. If anyone has information on him please post all I have been able to find out is he Matt McCraig isn’t his real name but he has gone by the names Mattrix and Mateo. He has hit on 4 other of my girlfriends promising them to work in Hollywood you can’t even find anything about him except he works with Richard Elfman of Oingo Boingo. I met a girl who went out with him as well and he stiffed her for lots of money and cheated on her. Please write up if you have had any experience like this. Thanks!