Cheaters Matt Lehman

Matt Lehman, Marines – New Jersey

STILL lying and causing problems. Matt Lehman, NJ, Ohio, Marines. Told me he had changed. Continued to lie. Even just a month later, he tells me he lied about loving me for a long time. He wouldn’t even talk to me. Has major anger issues, makes everything a big deal and flips out on you over everything, literally everything. Lies about everything. Don’t ever trust a guy that has to say “I’m a good guy.” Good people don’t need to say that; they just are good people. This guy, is most definitely, not a good guy. Definitely a liar, unsure about physical cheating, but texts other girls behind your back, and lies about it even when clearly caught. And doesn’t even have the audacity to have a conversation when he wants to end the relationship for no reason with his girlfriend of 8 months. Will blame everything on you (mostly because it’s what he is doing and wants to make it seem like you’re the problem). Seriously wish I never met him.