Cheaters Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson – Illinois

Matt Johnson is a TERRIBLE human being. I met Matt on okcupid in April 2010. At first glance he is attractive, charming, smart and a good father. This charade was kept up for a couple of week. Early on in the relationship things seemed to be going really well and moving at a rapid rate, but Matt soon showed his true colors. His car appeared to not work in the rain – and so I several times offered to let him borrow my car – so he could pick up his daughter. At first it was no big deal, but then I went out of my way to help him – and he got pissed at me for not being at his house at a specific time – which he had never specified to me. He then decided he could use his own car anyway, even though I had come far out of my way for him. No apology, no thank you – just ungrateful and rude.