Cheaters Mary Katherine

Mary Katherine – Kansas

Cheated on her husband with his best friend. Got a divorce because she suddenly realized she was “hot” to other men. Then had sex with her youngest son’s martial arts instructor. Went back to husband to get her overdue bills paid then moved out again. Filed for divorce. Started dating ex criminal school buddy. Started filing all kinds of harassment and stalking orders against husband and winning in court. She is a paralegal and is such a good game player. Has raised child support payments so outrageously high that her ex has trouble living the same life that she has made for herself. Moved children to different churches and religions based on her current love affairs. Moved children from school where they were comfortable and had lots of friends because she wanted them to go to the small podunk school that she had gone to. Now the youngest can no longer be involved in sports activities because the small town doesn’t offer them until he is in middle school. Has currently gained sole custody of both sons because she filed in court a drug test against ex husband. It was a hair follicle test and she knew he could not pass it. Now the children have no contact with father’s family not even by telephone. Father has to pay to see children supervised visits thru the court for 1 hour. This woman has literally destroyed her children even though she won’t admit it all because of her ego and wanting to sleep around and make her ex pay. The children are not even allowed to see or talk to grandmother for the last year. Who previously was involved daily in their lives.