Cheaters Mary Beth McFann

Mary Beth McFann — Bloomfield, Illinois

Not gossip if it’s the truth. She met my husband in May 2014, in San Antonio, River City Rock Fest, while I was pregnant. She still didn’t care. Oh and she was married at the time too…. CLASSY! She was a singer in the airforce, then moved to Pflugerville Tx. She said she “shared my husband” for two years. Well no… this isn’t kindergarten, you don’t share a husband. She held my son when he was a baby, which makes me VOMIT. I am working on fixing my marriage now, but look out ladies if you are married. Thank God she moved back home, to Indiana, when she realized he wasn’t going to leave me for her. Oh and in case anyone is confused, your “The One” will never be someone else’s spouse.