Cheaters Martínez and Kewania Callahan

Martínez and Kewania Callahan – Louisiana

Luis Yepez Martínez, also goes by Crystian, two years of cheating. Cheated on girl before me too. Moved in promising to marrying you. The whole time playing other woman and leading them on that they will be together in a year or so. He didn’t do that to me because I’m not stupid. He just up and disappeared from girl before me ( I never knew he was with anyone) I found hidden phone in his truck after he called a chick on it after he thought he hung up his oher phone after talking me. I found Badoo, Lovoo, Cupid, PoF, meetme and a couple other sites with over 15 woman. He had lots of nude pictures and he was saying I love you baby to 5 of them. Promising to be with them later. He broke his phone and promised not to contact any of them. He never acted right every since. I find out he is still talking to one after I called and warned her to stay away from my fiancé. She refuses to stop. I wish I could post her nude pictures. Her name is Kewania Calahan. I warned her I would post about her if she didn’t. I even called her mama and her mama said she warned her about the guy. I do not have a job at the moment and depend on him but soon as I do he is gone and reporting him. I think he is looking for woman to just live with for a place to live and eventually his papers once his divorce is final in Mexico. He sleeps with girls in motels rooms telling them he lives with a lot of guys so they can’t go to his house.