Arkansas Marlando And Renea Collins

Marlando And Renea Collins — Conway, Arkansas

I wouldn’t normally do this but this is extremely ridiculous. Marlando Collins is in a relationship with my stylist and his crazy soon to be ex wife keeps sending all of her clients including myself, friend requests under their 14 year old daughters Facebook profile. Renea, who owns Labor of LOVE Adult Day Care in Pine Bluff had tried to cause this lady her business because during her separation from her husband he started a relationship with someone else. What confuses me is how you can be so upset and have so much time as a business owner to send requests to her friends and clients. She made a couple of fake pages. She put her information on a lot of social media sites. This lady had tried to drag my stylists name through the mud all because her husband who had already left her, met someone else. She even lied and said that she was a client of my stylist… they have never met. This is done all while dragging a 14 year old kid in the middle. Pitiful… sounds to me like she needs to seek help… Pray for her.