Canada Markes Bureau

Markes Bureau – Canada

Because though it seems Markes took down my friend’s post of him on Cheaterville to escape humilation, I am going to do one on behalf of her. Markes is the epitome of a boy who does not appreciate women or anyone else for that matter. He constantly lied to my best friend about who he really was. She changed her life around for him, did EVERYTHING for him including paying for him to get that raggedy apartment. How does he repay her? Lies cheats and disrespect her in oh so many ways. FIRST he gets his baby mama pregnant again while he and my best friend are together. AND I DONT CARE WHAT NO ONE SAYS THAT B**** IS A HOME WRECKER BECAUSE SHE KNEW THEY WAS TOGETHER! I SEEN THE MESSAGES HUNTY SO DONT PLAY THAT HE WAS LYING ABOUT HER STORY YOU AND HIM ARE SORRY A** INDIVIDUALS! 2. He’s carrying on other relationships while they are together. She say he was emotionally abusive never treated her like the queen she is but would cry everytime she wanted to break up with him. He crying because she’s the best thing he will EVER have. Lastly, and why I saw we need to castrate this m*********** is because he knew he had a STD for TWO months before that ugly man b**** asked my best friend if SHE was the one that gave Markes a STD he gave HER. Wtf…. he was not even decent enough to tell my friend he has a STD and for TWO months kept that s*** a secret. I am angry because no one as beautiful and as smart as my best friend is should have gone through what she gone through with that evil demon. My girl had her whole life ahead of her and that Markes bastard is the worst thing that will ever happen to her. I will make sure if it. This BOY is not who he seems, we call him “the devil” and that’s exactly who he is. Any woman that goes with him after this is a damn fool because he will never be faithful never be a man and NEVER own up to his mistakes and responsibilities. AND OH THE B**** HE NUTTED IN TAKES THE NAME MARKES AND MY FRIEND DECIDED FOR THEIR CHILD ONCE THEY WOULD’VE GOT MARRIED. I hope you all go to Hell. And as for my friend? She is on her way to GREAT things especially since that man who she thought she was in love with did everything you are NOT supposed to do when you supposedly love them.