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Mark Tap – Australia

Married for over 22 years with two teenage children. Lives in Perth, Australia. Works for an NGO – comes across as compassionate, gentle, empathic, etc! In his eHarmony profile (matched 1.3.13), he gave no indication of his married status either overtly, by how he describes himself in his profile or at any time during the lengthy, ongoing / daily emails over the period of a month (and quite beyond!) In optional questions he answers “No” to “Have you ever cheated on anyone?” (or words to that effect re the question). In my situation, it was genuine concern for his safety when he hadn’t contacted me on the day he said he would (having been “out of range” for a motorbike riding weekend) which prompted an online search for his home number….To my horror and disbelief, his wife answered the phone. I’m not his first affair, by his own admission. His ever-forgiving wife tolerates his infidelities, strangely. He has removed his picture and changed basic details on eHarmony to convince me, after the affair ended, that he had no intention of further pursuits – at least not on this site!