Canada Mark Kohaykewych

Mark Kohaykewych – Winnipeg, Canada

Mark Kohaykewych is something super special over here in winnipeg. Mark is first of all still married (which you can look up online its public information) that goes all over Winnipeg flaunting how much money he has and how great his life is yet he is actually the owner of a failing business that has gone bankrupt & is BROKE Mark uses his Instagram profile to DM every single girl from Winnipeg and messes around with all of them while his daughter is home sleeping (great dad eh) Mark has been two timing many girls while saying he is in a relationship with all of them at the same time. he fly’s girls out to his condo in the states and makes them feel special then is talking to many other girls at once telling them all the same thing. Mark claims girls need to make things up to him by sending him naked pictures and videos doing sexual acts and demands them because apparently they have “done him wrong” when actually all they did was find out that he has been two timing them. Mark begged a girl to be his girlfriend and she finally said yes then when she found out he was cheating he told her she did him wrong by finding this all out. BEFORE you can even “be lucky enough” to be his girlfriend you have to agree to a threesome on video with him and another girl, so he can start his “collection” Mark says the same thing to every girl he is with and makes his daughter his little pawn to get woman to feel bad when he has done them wrong. the manipulation and the way he acts like girls owe him something when they have been nothing but faithful to him is disgusting he tells women that they have to send him pictures and have to take videos doing sexual acts with him. Mark flew a girl to his condo in the states to have a “gataway” because he “loved” her but while she was sleeping he factimed another girl to watch and do sexual acts while she was right next to him BEWARE OF HIS DISGUSTING MAN TRUST ME HE WILL SLIDE INTO YOUR DM’S ONE OF THESE DAYS