Canada Mark Iannuzzelli

Mark Iannuzzelli – Canada

Born in Jersey, started racing motorcycles in late eighties, early nineties. Didnt get too far and quit. Left Jersey after an embarassing arrest at his parents home involving a black hooker, drugs, and items supposedly stolen by the streetwalker during her 3 or 4 day stay. A love for hookers so big that you take them to your parents home where you live, as an adult. Lol…fast forward to 2013 in Santa Cruz, Ca. Mark is such a compulsive liar and a biggest coward ever..

He tried to blame his supposedly best friend Matt S. For the maps and requests for two hookers to join him at a hotel in San Francisco. The hookers were found thru RedBook which is no longer. Busted and he pathetically lied over and over blaming all on Matt S. He then talked about Matt in the worst of ways. He loved to call him a stingy Jew. Talk badly about him all the time in an attempt to keep me and friends from being friends with Matt so the many lies Mark told were not discovered.This was his “best friend” for years since they lived in Jersey . Matt housed Marks lazy a** for years rent free at his property in the Santa Cruz mountains. He even lost his Nursing license because of Mark.Thats the kind of person Mark is…thats what “friend” means to him..thats just one or two events, the list goes on and on…then there is John Williams and Johns brother..Mark decided to keep johns motorcycles over $100 debt to Marks mom. He sold one and ran the other to the ground for over a year. He gave it back after that only because he was moving in with his mother in Longs, SC..