California Mark Dan Iannuzzelli

Mark Dan Iannuzzelli – California

We were together almost 10 years. We went thru things most people cannit even imagine. His mental health is at best, questionable. Althought the last 3 years 2011- present seemed to really show his mental health deteriorating at an incredibly faster speed. He was never there for me, he never took me out anywhere, never spent $$ on me, he is a very cheap person(notice i di not use the word man) . He calls himself a mechanic, but he fixef my car one time only in ten Years. I was without a vehicle for 2 years because he would not repair my truck if i did not pay him hourly wage. One time he loan me $ for a surgery i needed. I paid it all back yet he insists i owe him and offended my entire family and myself. Mark has severe anger management issues and has physically and verbally abused me on a number of times. In june of 2014 the day after my bday he physically attacked me twice that day. He is undoubetdly a narcissist and his bipolar manic highs and lows are a huge part of his uncontorllable rage. When it comes to verbal abuse I am guilty equally and at times even more so. But he sure as hell got his revenge and surpassed it by far. Very far. When my grandmither died in 2012 it was a very painful event for me as i haf been her caretaker the past 3 yrs and we were very close. He used to say he lived her and ge loved me. But i noe know it was all lies and b*******. He didnt even cone see me when she died. He made it to the viewing the last 10 minutes and he only made it because my brother calked him to ask if he was coming.. That night he purposely created a scene ti start a fight so he could go home. He did go home and he never bothered to call me or much see me for 8 months. He claims he was having a hard time since his father had passed 2 months prior to my grandmother. Yeah he was having a hsrd time alright, paying hookers to fuk in the a**. He had hookers whike he was bak home in Jersey for his fathers funeral as well. Did u ever kno anyone to grieve by getting hookers? Then once he was bak home he treated me like garbage every day. I think i cried almost every day or every other day for about 3 months. The only reason I still stayed is because where i moved to I have no friends. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and because of what i saw, and what the locals thought i said, no one talks to me. What im trying to say is I was and am very lonely and thats what kept me coming back. During the 8 months after my grandmothers death he had 3 different trailer park trash girls luving with him. Tobi Harris Vonbloes ( yeah the last name is fitting for this 50 year old crack head hooker unfit mother of 2- CPS stated that for a reason.) Tobi and the other 2 low lifes are all from Felton , Ca. Mark was living there for over 10 years in a converted bus ( yeah, i know) . Marks narcisstic behavior was much like a sociopaths behavior as he felt no remorse or showed any sign of regretfullness 90% of the time. He would turn every single thing around when he was confronted by anything he was caight with or guilty off. He would go as far as creating imaginary stories he actually believed too afterawhile. He loved to blame everybody except himself for every single thing. I am guilty of verbal abuse and of physical abuse twice early in our relationship. I am no angel nor am i trying to sound like i am bcus i am not. But i never cheated on Mark. I was raped by a scumbag we both knew because of Marks inability to control his rage. He beat me again pretty baf that tine so i decided to leave him. I was raped by the idiot where i was staying at since i left him for the abuse. Ti this day, MARk blames me and has never helped me thru that instead hes made ir worse. He wilk not do anything unless there is something in it for himself. He is a habitual liar on top of that. Lies about eveything imaginenable. He is also the epitome of a mams boy. He hasnt held a job in over 5 years and lives off his mothers money like a tru scrub. I later discovered his liking of little girls barely 18 yeats old. How gross is a guy almost 50 yrs old with an 18 year old? Then again, a woman closer to his age will never work since the maturity levels woukd be one extreme to another. He carried on an affair with a girl named Allie who supposedly had a boyfriend named Austin. Then there was Rikki too, a little girl he said reminded him of me when i was younger. We used to have thee best sex our first 6 yrs. Then thats when he started getting more and more mentally disturbed. Sex sucked pretty much and i would get off on my vibrator if i wanted to orgasm. He wanted everything done for him, his way. Nothing i did was ever goid enough and often unnoticed. He was to judge every single person and blame every single person for every single thing. His perception of everything is twisted and he will try his best to make u believe its you thats nuts despite admitting more times than i count that there is something wrong with him or with his head. He tried on several ocassions to turn my own family against me after i tried to tell his mother about his drug use and his downward spiral. Big mistake!!! She turned on me too. Mark is a master of making himself the victim of every situation…i quickly figured out where and whom he got that from. Mark disrespected my parents and their home making them feel uncomfortable in their own home despite them opening their door to him even after they had to pick me up from the hospital atleast 3 times after he had beat me. They forgave us both and opened their doors to both of us. His thank you was to put me in danger once again by taking the keys from the truk i was driving while i was driving us and leaving me alone on a country roa without a phone or keys to drive as nughtfall was approaching. He hitched a ride bak to my parents home where he scared my parents and they had to drive him back to where he abandoned me. While i was alone numerous vehicles stopped to ask me if i was ok or needed a ride. During our ten years he would diappear for a day upto 5 months without a sungle call to me orconcern whether i even lived at all. I never turned my back on him, never clised my door to him, never not returned his calls (few that they were) . I did treat him very differently than I did the first five years but that was because of everything he had done to me and continued to do til the very end this past august 2014. In his desparate attempts to not be honest and not answer questions he knew he was guilty of lying about he made every pathetic effort to find something on me to fight about jyst to switch the spotlight. A trick he has used his entire life. If he finds those are no linger working he resorts to his final trick– the famius ” you offended my mother . You owe my mother. You disrespected my mother. You owe her.” I never ever disrespected mrs. Iannuzzelli. Thats not something I do or that even sounds like something i would do. Whatever little girl or naive victim luke i was when i met him that enda up with him i hoow you figure it out quickly and not waste ten years of your life the way u did. I can never get those years bacj. I can never forget the damage he did toi me. I cant see mtself forgiving him anytime soon ( not that hes asking for it). Finally, mark will never admit he has made a mistake, hardly ever apoligize and if he does it is a pathetic insincere apology. The kund yoyd rather hear nothing than what yiu did hear. I regret not pressing charges on him in court for domestic violence but more than anything i regret the day i met him. He is the only ex boyfriend i regret and wish to God he was never in my life at all. People warned me about him time and time again. I never listened and how i wish i had. I am so sorry to everyone i did not listen to . I made a big 10 year mistake.. This was in Santa Cruz Ca and he just moved to South Carolina but he is originally from New Jersey.