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Mark A Aarvig – Canada

Mark A. Aarvig, 11/27/60, Chino Hills, Ca, Principal and Managing member ABS Investment Group ( Irvine, Ca Married has been committing adultery and has cheated on his wife of two (2) years for the duration of their marriage union. Mark has stated adamantly on many occasions that he got married having known and lived with his wife for well over six(6) years, but knew when he married that it was clearly a marriage of friendship only, quoting they were friends more than anything else. He stated that she is disinterested in sex/intimacy/marital relations because of her very religious beliefs, stating verbatim that “It, Sex Just Doesn’t Click with her” and nonetheless, we’ve not slept with one another in well over a year due to this. I question if you know prior to marrying someone that as a guy/husband you won’t have sex with, why get married, then cheat, have affairs and state “It Is What It Is” with a blatant, cavalier attitude as if it’s your right.