Canada Marissa Freed

Marissa Freed – Winnipeg, Canada

Marissa Freed, a trust fund baby who is the daughter of a wealthy owner of a big garment factory in Winnipeg, is an absolute and hopeless nymphomaniac. When younger she has been caught in a ranch, in the Tuxedo area, amusing herself with the help of a friend…. This unusual friend happened to be the horse that her father has bought her! The rumor is that an employee there did make a police report, but that the incident has been apparently somehow hushed, perhaps as her dad’s factory is the one that makes the uniforms for the province police force. Her father, Steven, then sent her to Israel, to study there for a year. Well, right on the way to Israel, on board the airplane, she has been caught by an Air Canada flying attendant having fun in the toilets with a young man she has just met. Marissa spent this year away mostly having casual sex, on the beach, with this or another random soldier. As was no surprise to those who know her well, she has returned to town even hornier than when leaving. Indeed, not long after her return she almost caused a car accident by going down on a driver friend when they are on the highway. Her dad recently made her president of his company, and paid local media to give it coverage. Is sending someone like her to rehab (around other females only) not a better idea?