Cheaters Marina Ixora

Marina Ixora — Miami, Florida

The real juice about Marina Ixora is that she abondoned her children in Spokane Washington to start a ponzi scheme called Trend Sound Promoter after seducing a much older man named Vladimir Pigida. Marina Ixora abondoned her family, her husband and her childern to start a online hybrid ponzi/pyramid scheme with an older man. She seduced Volodymir Pigida and forced him to leave his wife. The two left Spokane Washington and came to Bellevue Washington. They started SoundTrack Studio and Trend Sound Promoter. They promised huge returns like turning $1000 into $10,000 in less then a year. They spent over 2 million dollars living luxurious and then the companies filed for bankcrupty. They fraudulently kept over 25 million dollars. Don’t trust Marina Ixora. Don’t listen to her songs. Don’t trust her!! Marina Bondarenko is dangerous!