Canada Mariena Bui

Mariena Bui — Vancouver, Canada

this fake plastic bitch has been going around town for years spreading her legs for anyone who will open their wallet or pay her some attention. When that doesn’t work, she resorts to Leoslist and heads to LA to P4P behind her Bf’s back. Sami is a good guy who just keeps taking her back, no matter how many times she goes back to her ways! This ho is so desperate it’s sad, I’ve seen her FLIP THE FUK OUT so bad when a guy doesn’t give her the attention she wants. This sloozy has been doing this kinda thing since highschool! Always starting drama and lying behind her “friends” backs. No matter how much they do for her. This has been a long time coming Nik. Apparently, she isn’t even a good lay! ha! Guess she’s gonna have to pay for all her plastic fake lips, a55 and tits some other way.