California Marie Thu Hong Catellier

Marie Thu Hong Catellier – California

This is Marie Catellier, her real name is Thu Hong. This woman trolls on craigslist for sex massages, and has had every major STD known to man execpt AIDS. She is a Gambling addict who lives in a RV with 5 dogs in the parking lot of a casino in lakeside Ca. I busted this s*** having sex with 2 guys in a suite there and her excuse was she judt met them invited them to the room to smoke meth and talk about life. She will be texting more than 3 guys about hookibg up and will send naked picks while telling you that your the liar and cheater and say your delusional…bull…Then to advoid embaressment she will block you and spread rumors so no one looks down at her….Dont be fooled cuz shes a ex-con severing a prison term for drugs and is constanly throw sex meth parties in her RV…..stay away from this woman