DO NOT HIRE MARIANA WILSON of NEW ORLEANS! MARIANA WILSON often “works” in local theatre, but really has no skill or talent, and mainly ambles around lazily and lost, talking and chatting instead of working. If she’s on your payroll, she will be costing you money, and it will be a waste! MARIANA WILSON does not do her job! But what MARIANA WILSON will do, is gossip, lie, and spread rumors about you, your cast, and crew behind your back. MARIANA WILSON really should not be working in local theatre, because she has absolutely no respect nor talent nor purpose in it, nor respect for the people, crew, actors, and directors that actual do work. MARIANA WILSON has many personal issues that she brings to the workplace. She induces drama. To your face, she will be normal, yet behind your back, she will not be working, will barely do her job, will not do her job well, and will spend her time gossiping, spreading rumors, and will be a detriment to your theatre production. If you want someone that gossips and lies about you, doesn’t respect you, and does a terrible job, then MARIANA WILSON is the person you want! Cripple Creek Theatre, SouthernRep, and other local theatre would be wise not to ever work with the awful, lazy, drama-ridden, gossip-spreading, disrespectful slacker named MARIANA WILSON.