Canada Maria Alexandris

Maria Alexandris — Vancouver, Canada

This money hungry clown has nothing going for her. She has never accomplished anything on her own other than buying herself +2’s. She relies on her parents or her boyfriend Marco because she can’t afford the real world on her own. She has never paid rent in her life or even lived on her own in her life. She will only date you if you have money and if you can buy her designer things because that is all her and her cheating boyfriend care about. She is so oblivious to the fact that “her man” cheats on her all of the time and even if he got caught red handed she would never leave him. She’s 30 with no kids, no ring on her finger, no career, never paid for anything in her life all because she only cares about materialistic things. I have never met someone who cares about their image as much as her. I think she is lost in life and doesn’t realize what’s truly important in life. She could never live without her designer bags or Botox. Maybe look in the mirror and have a reality check, once you look back on your life what will you be proud of? Your filled lips and red bottoms?