Cheaters Marcus A. Fields

Marcus A. Fields – Georgia

This man is what most women would dream of having in their lives. He’s very likable, funny, lovable, unbelievably handsome, charming, witty, friendly, (personal trainer) he makes you feel as if you’re the only one, sex is like an earth quake, he is kind when gaining your trust and he makes you feel important like you’re his one and only. I chatted with him for awhile on the site before having him over. Sex was DA bomb! After all that he mentions while in convo that he is married. I felt sooooo stupid and just dirty. His networking is a front on He does tell you he’s married after the fact of gaining your trust by saying he’s getting a divorce. I’m sure he’s done this to many women because he’s a pro and he seems to despise his wife. I believe every female on his friend list has probably been with him. I hate that I did what I did and I’m utterly sorry and pray for forgiveness because I wouldn’t want it to happen to me if I was married. I hope his wife catches him and leaves with everything.