Canada Marco Letto

Marco Letto — Toronto, Canada

Marco Letto uses and abuses women. He goes on dating applications to find young naive women and tells them what they want to hear. He romances them pretty much showering them in kisses, taking them out to nice restaurants and treating them nicely with his charming personality, but he has another side to him. A dishonest one, which every girl should know. He asked a girl I know out on a date and on the day of the date, he didn’t respond to her requests to know which restaurant to meet at. The girl had a friend text him, posing as an escort, to get to the bottom of things. He told her he was at home doing nothing and would take her to a super expensive restaurant at $400 a person if she would have sex with him in exchange. The next day, he texted the girl he was dating and apologized about the night before, claiming he was working all night. She asked him a lot of details about his work and made up an intricate story of how his television broke at work so he was bored and they had to stay late at work waiting for the tech, even though he was home, trying to hook up with escorts. He’s basically a John. A young one, but a John. He hates women. He targets them with the girls other exes, ho try to get the girls falsely charged with harassment for sending like 10 texts, which judges throw out of court. He also enjoys spending time with a guy in Toronto known for violence against women. He had to pay restitution to one girl for assault. The guys a prominent deceiver and is polyamorous. It’s possible Marco’s polyamorous too or at least a young John. We are who our friends are…