Cheaters Marco Arteaga

Marco Arteaga – Illinois

I was living with Marco Arteaga for 7 months. Or rather, he was living with me in my house. I found out about a week ago that he had been having an affair with a girl who worked at the Dunkin Donuts near his job named Luz Barradas. I confronted her about it and she said he told her he had only been using me for a place to live and for money. I also found out that he had been hooking up with at least 7 other women that he friended on Facebook and one that he met in Chicago with a maid service, not to mention any others he scraped off of Craigslist personals or met on the Metra or CTA trains. When I found out about Luz, I started putting all the missing pieces into place, all the weird lies about where he was, why he was working late, why he didn’t answer his phone, why he never told me he was on Facebook again after having been off it for years. I helped him detox from alcohol and basically saved his life. I helped him get on track with his health issues and he repaid me with the worst kind of betrayal…that he never cared at all, that I was less than nothing to him, worthless in every way except as a meal ticket, a f*** and a f****** maid. Marco Arteaga is a cheating liar who uses women for sex and anything else he can get