Cheaters Manipulator

Manipulator – Georgia

This man the biggest on biggest liar,cheater,deceiving,manipulating,no conscience heartbreaker..I hate him he make me hate life itself… Georgia/Alabama . he ruthless and only cares about hosself but will try and make you feel like you’re asking for too much when he is always leaving and being unfaithful, he calls out of work to go lay up with other women and act like he as to go in to work early then have excuses for being home late. He is not loving or compassionate,he only wants things that benefit him and his family and friends because that’s more important then making a woman he supposedly love happy. Oh wait he has other women to make happy that’s why he snuck and left while I was at work FOR LIKE THE 3RD TIME!! And no good excuse for doing what he did just a bunch of b******* he thought of to put on paper… He don’t care about no one for real and he put on a good act to make you think he do but in his small mind he planning to use and leave you. Be careful who you trust, hell use you and your family he don’t care period….