MALAIKA TERRY – Toronto, Canada

1– Malaika tweeted concerning Drake declaring “his eyes resemble a mile apart” so u understand she simply opened her upper hands for popularity like a thirst catch!!! Girl is craycray, u an entire catfish appearing like CRIMSON CHIN with tha red 2– drake’s face seeing those tweets after he simply offered this woman globally interest like the fool that he is 3– Malaika resides in Brampton as well as rests on a cushion WITH NO BED FRAME so u could simply picture exactly how low-cost and also simple she is simply to obtain a doggie bag from ritz Carlton’s morning meal. Constantly keep in mind individuals, these insta-sluts that remove and also photoshop for sort normally live similar to this due to the fact that fans does not equivalent cash 4-when Malaika the Catfish was brand-new at face adjusting her body, she utilized to photoshop her waistline so little that her top body and also watermelon head looks unproportioned lmao 6- Malaika’s only guy Ben Shamoon that declared her, presented her to his family members, her mama liked him, he intended to wed her and also this numbskull Malaika shed him for 5 secs of drawing off a celeb that does not also follow her on Instagram– Ben unfollowed her quickly despite the fact that they been with each other years @malaikaterry maintain ur chin up sweetheart lmao was it worth it affordable sloot? Did u also make money in anything apart from ovo merch? Hahaha