Australia Magella Wilson

Magella Wilson — Brisbane, Australia

It all started in the late 90’s when I lived in a Unit in Kingston. This woman was a friend of a friend of ours and would often fight with her boyfriend who lived nearby and would knock on our door for a lift home. I had no idea anything was going on till much later. After she and her boyfriend had split up she would hang around the units and wanted to talk to Scott. Alarm bells went off and I either said he was busy or not home etc. She started calling our phone wanting to talk to him so I always got there first and hung up on her. It was a nightmare. Scott assured me that she was just obsessed with him, nothing more. My boyfriend had a meltdown and had to get out of town for a few days to “clear his head”. He did not contact me at all and Magella drove past one day and yelled out “I know where your boyfriend is!” She and I hated each other by then and when he did come back, with n o explanation, I asked him to call her and tell her to leave us alone. He said ok. I handed him the phone and he said: what do I say? I said tell her to “f” off! He said he couldnt. It was then I realised that it was over between us but sadly I was pregnant by then. On the day I had my baby she had hers in the same hospital. The weird thing is that she even denies her baby is his and even the date of birth of the kid! I never saw her after that. I split up with Scott not long after and am happily single with my children.